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"Original Trio Artisan Gelato.

First in Singapore."


Sugartree Gelato is a local gelatiera and a sister brand of Two Bakers Cafe. The company is helmed by two chefs, Chef Erica a Le Cordon Bleu, Paris alumni, and Chef Vivien trained in Fine dining by Michelin starred chef. Both chefs have also received training from acclaimed Carpigiani Gelato University, Italy.
Using their vast training and experience, they develop natural and artisanal gelato with a focus on micro-batch production. This approach has two-prong benefits; Guaranteed freshness and No use of chemical preservatives that are harmful to health. New flavours are introduced seasonally, a testament to their dedication to finessing their craft and bringing scoops of happiness into your lives!


Made mindfully and naturally, our gelatos are handcrafted daily in micro-batches using the finest ingredients. 
Our Promise: Only 100% Natural and Fresh ingredients are used. No added preservatives, colouring, and eggs in our gelatos.


As a socially mindful business, we worked with our partners which comprises of a community of private hires and taxi drivers to get their livelihood from helping our logistic operations.
As you support local business, you are indirectly supporting the livelihood of our partners. Therefore, we hope you find joy in indulging on these little treats while making a difference in our partners' life. 
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