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Classic and experimental flavours alike reside at our Italian ice cream bar at Sugartree Gelato. Utilising only natural ingredients, handpicked to reflect the finest quality, our skilled gelatieres are connoisseurs in the art of introducing distinctive and imaginative flavours that offer a fresh perspective on handcrafted ice cream.

Indulge in both seasonal and everlasting offerings in our vibrant array of captivating gelato flavours. From the subtle earthiness of roasted pistachio, the creamy lusciousness of vanilla bean cacao nib, to the bittersweet complexity of dark chocolate, these are the flavours that can only be achieved through a balance of creative ingenuity, thorough expertise, and 100% dedication. For the adventurous, fruity and botanical flavours like litchi raspberry, earl grey, and strawberry hibiscus never fail to revitalise taste buds.

What Our Customers Say

Prepared and Scooped to Serve

Sugartree Gelato stands out in Singapore's list of ice cream parlours for creations that consistently surprise and delight. Our unique flavours not only enchant individuals of diverse taste preferences but also stand the test of time. Making our selections exclusive in fresh-churned micro-batches daily, gelato lovers can feel assured in the fact that nothing but top-notch quality and remarkable experiences are to be expected.

How to Truly Savour Our Gelato

Beat the heat and make the most of Sugartree Gelato's chilled delicacies in endless ways and combinations. Customise your gelato by mixing and matching your favourites in our inviting café, where you can enjoy a single or double scoop. Alternatively, savour it at your convenience by having our specially curated tubs with multiple flavours delivered directly to you, wherever you are in Singapore. To enrich the blissful frost-kissed affair, don't forget to top it off with a rosemary-infused waffle cone that's available in a pack of six as well.

The best ice cream is authentic, pronounced, fresh, and smooth – and we have it right here at our Italian ice cream shop, Sugartree Gelato.

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