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Sugartree Gelato, Premium Wholesale Ice Cream Supplier Singapore


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Tucking into a lavish scoop of frost-kissed gelato, whether it's after an exhausting marathon, a productive conference, or as a highlight of a grand corporate feast, is an unmatched delight.

From orchestrating company events, hosting guests, to managing restaurants, having a reliable ice cream wholesaler to champion your brand's most ambitious endeavours is paramount. Sugartree Gelato, led by two esteemed chefs, stands as an artisanal gelato supplier committed to crafting freshly made, scooped-to-serve indulgences that enhance every occasion.

With customers ranging from all walks of life, we supply exquisite hand-churned Italian ice cream to numerous companies and organisations nationwide. In our commitment to raising the bar for ice cream in Singapore, our humble but steadfast brand is represented first and foremost by a welcoming gelato cafe nestled snugly in rustic Bukit Timah.

Bestow the magic of specialty gelato to colleagues, clients, and loved ones with Sugartree Gelato's rich, velvety, and undoubtedly authentic gelato creations.

Freshest and Finest Ingredients 

The exceptional intensity of Sugartree Gelato's flavours originates from the quality of our ingredients. Employing certified fresh and top-grade products, including minimally processed dairy, real fruits, and premium cocoa, our flavours are meticulously crafted without preservatives and additives.

Safe for those who prioritise nutritional content over shelf life, diet-friendly for the health-conscious, and pronounced in its natural, and yet exquisite flavours, this Italian dessert is made to share the unbridled joy of sweet treats without compromising your dedication to a balanced lifestyle.

Classic Flavours and Novel Combinations

Embark on a sensory journey with Sugartree Gelato, your premier ice cream supplier. Our collection transcends the ordinary, blending tradition-infused all-time favourites with creatively brilliant flavours that bring a new dimension to gelato. Each flavour, enduringly elegant, invites you to rediscover the timeless charm of ancient Italy while catering to the evolving palates of generations.

Indulge in the mouth-coating smoothness of high-quality dark chocolate, a luxurious experience that defines delectability. Immerse yourself in the natural warmth and sweetness of our carefully sourced and crafted vanilla bean cacao nib, a flavour that echoes the authenticity of tradition. Tantalise your taste buds with the well-balanced palette of sophisticated salted caramel, a symphony of flavours that lingers on the senses.

But the adventure doesn't stop there! Dabble in the unexpected with our litchi raspberry flavour – a zingy and refreshingly exotic profile with a juicy aftertaste that continually delights, satisfying cravings you never knew you had. Sugartree Gelato offers an extensive array of mesmerising flavours, from the richness of roasted pistachio and the floral notes of strawberry hibiscus, to the delightful combination of cookies and berries cream, plus the tropical allure of passion fruit.

Our gelato flavours are a celebration of tastes that never fade from style. Whether you're looking for the classics or seeking a new, innovative indulgence, Sugartree Gelato is your trusted partner in delivering unparalleled quality and flavour to your discerning palate.

Chef-Curated Gourmet Gelato Recipes

Sugartree Gelato is the culinary masterpiece born from the collective brilliance of Le Cordon Bleu-trained Chef Erica and Michelin star chef discipline, Chef Vivien. Both chefs, honed by the exacting standards of the prestigious Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy, join forces to pioneer innovative and luscious gelato and sorbet recipes.

At Sugartree Gelato, every creation is meticulously handcrafted, served, or dispatched in micro batches – a testament to our resolute commitment to freshness and quality. This extends to our promise that each scoop is prepared from 100% natural ingredients, free from preservatives, colouring agents, and eggs.

Our gelato shines as a beacon of remarkable quality, artfully fashioned with utmost attention and precision. It reflects not only the expertise of our gelatieres but also the ethos that characterises Sugartree Gelato – a dedication to delivering a gastronomical gelato experience that enthrals with every scoop.

SFA-Licensed Gelato Wholesale Supplier

Sugartree Gelato is licensed by the Singapore Food Agency and upholds high standards in public health, safety, and consumer confidence. Whether serving as your trusted artisanal ice cream supplier in Singapore, or operating as a beloved local gelateria in the heart of the city, our dedication to regulatory excellence ensures that all our chilled creations meet and exceed market compliance standards.

Enjoy our offerings in confidence, knowing that Sugartree Gelato focuses on the well-being and satisfaction of our customers through rigorous adherence to established guidelines.

One-Stop Shop for Italian Ice Cream Fixes


Fuel your gelato cravings and business success at Sugartree Gelato, the ultimate one-stop destination for soft, creamy, and frosty Italian ice cream. Our curated selection, from evergreen classics to creative concoctions, caters to all tastes, making any work or social occasion unforgettable for everyone.

As your premier wholesale gelato supplier, Sugartree Gelato offers businesses premium chilled confections with anything from waffle-texture cones, customisable packaging, to other presentation options. With swift turnaround times, our excellent customer support ensures reliable and efficient delivery, preserving the freshness of our finest artisanal gelato with speed and heed.

Be it public relations events, hotel buffet spreads, house parties, weddings, team gatherings, or others, Sugartree Gelato ticks all the boxes for your gelato personal and business needs – showcasing superiority in the quality and freshness of our ice cream, and the wholehearted support of our service.

Speak with Us for Premium Ice Cream Products For Events

Relish a revitalising escape from the tropical heat and transport yourself and your guests to the charming streets of Italy with the sheer delight of Sugartree Gelato. Indulge in ice-cold happiness available in a cone, cup, tub, or even cart, offering a sweet respite that captures the soul of Italian culinary goodness. Let Sugartree Gelato be your ticket to a momentary retreat to a quaint and delicious gastronomical getaway today!

Renowned as Singapore's go-to gelato cafe and trusted wholesale supplier of authentic Italian ice creams, our selection introduces a layer of cool sophistication to elevate any event. Astound your guests with an impressive display of captivating ice cream flavours, inviting them to savour the decadent richness, silkiness, and outright sumptuousness of our freshly made gelato.

Sugartree Gelato, your unwavering wholesale gelato supplier, promises a memorable and defining experience.

Contact us for extraordinary gelato products for corporate events and more today.

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