PICKUP (Inform us 4hrs in advance) & DELIVERY (2 days in advance) are AVAILABLE!


Operating Hours:

We are open daily. Our operating hours are as follows: Monday 2-9pm and Tuesday to Sunday 1pm - 9pm.

We welcome walk-in purchase. Come say Hi!


1. Delivery Timing? 

Delivery will be around 1pm-6pm (subjected to availability, we will try our best to deliver to you at your selected time).

2. Delivery fee?

Location-based fee applies (rates applied upon checkout). 

3. Delivery Slot? 

We do not deliver on eve of PH & on PH, unless stated otherwise. 


Please order 2 days in advance for both delivery and self-collection orders.  

Pint Gelato: 

1. How heavy is 1 tub of gelato?

Our tub of gelato weigh 600g.

2. Can I customise the flavours in a tub & how does it work? 

Customise up to 3 flavours - 600g for 1 flavour, 2 Flavours - 300g for each flavour, 3 Flavours - 200g for each flavour.

Regular Tub flavours: $25 

Regular Flavours: Salted Caramel Cacao Nib | Vanilla Bean Cacao Nib | Chrysanthemum Oolong | Sea Salt Pineapple 

Premium Tub flavours: $28

Premium Flavours: Roasted Pistachio | Black Sesame | Roasted Hazelnut | Dark Chocolate | Litchi Raspberry Strawberry Hibiscus | Passion Fruit Sorbet 

To mix flavours - Base price for a tub is $25, we charge an additional $1 for every additional premium flavour!


3. Serving Size for 1 tub? 

Serving Size Suggestion: Each tub has up to 8 scoops of gelato.

4. Storage? 

Gelatos can be store in the freezer up to a month.

5. Is the gelato egg, dairy or sugar-free?

Our gelato is egg-free but it consist of dairy and sugar.

Rosemary Cone:

1. Do you make your own cones? 

Yes, everything in Sugartree Gelato is handmade!

2. How do we keep the cones? 

For optimal freshness, you can store the cones in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.