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Here's a Handy List of Reasons to Indulge in Gelato Without Guilt

Here's a Handy List of Reasons to Indulge in Gelato Without Guilt

When the days are muggy and the weather oppressive, sometimes all our bodies long for is the sweet reprieve of a smooth and creamy scoop of gelato. But if, for any reason, you find yourself facing a mental barrier to relishing this delightful Italian treat, we at Sugartree Gelato are here to help! 

As gelato artisans who regard as true that gelato is more than an indulgence but our source of joy and livelihood, we are well-versed in the art of persuasion. Who better to convince you than the ones who live and breathe gelato every single day? So, no more dawdling — here are seven compelling reasons to dig into that scoop (or tub) of gelato that your heart has been yearning for. It’s not as sinful as you think 🍨🍦

1. Gelato has a lower fat content than ice cream

Gelato is often perceived to be healthier than ice cream due to its lower fat content. Ranging from
4% to 9%, compared to ice cream’s 10% to 25%, gelato’s lower fat content offers a waistline-friendly alternative for health-conscious individuals. As a result, gelato typically contains fewer calories than ice cream. This purportedly also contributes to gelato’s superior taste and texture, as its slow churning process helps develop a soft and velvety mouthfeel without the added sweetness of excessive sugar.

2. Gelato is made without preservatives and additives

Strange as it may seem, gelato promotes wellness in more than one aspect. Authentic, handcrafted gelato eschews preservatives and additives in its production. Gelaterias prioritise the use of fresh and natural ingredients, harnessing each component at its peak for the most pronounced flavours. Without artificial additives, the true essence of each gelato creation bursts through, from premium pistachios to seasonal lychees and more.

3. Gelato reduces stress and promotes happiness

Do your eyes light up at the sight of gelato? Indeed, gelato on a sweltering hot day is like stumbling upon an oasis in the desert, but there may be more science to it than you think. Consuming desserts such as gelato and ice cream triggers the release of chemicals that can have positive effects on your physical and mental well-being. These include endorphins, natural “pain-killers” that relieve stress and promote pleasure, as well as serotonin, a hormone known to boost mood. The impact of these chemicals can be profound — helping us relax and sometimes even sleep better.

4. Gelato can recharge and energise you 

That dash of sugar in gelato is not for naught. With carbohydrates that can be easily broken down into simple sugars, and then converted into energy, gelato can provide you with a temporary surge of energy, especially when you’re faced with a dreadful afternoon slump or a crippling food coma. 

5. Gelato is more digestible than ice cream

Ice cream can be harder to digest because of its higher fat content. The opposite applies to gelato, which boasts a lower fat content and thus, promises a lower likelihood of gas and discomfort. Additionally, gelato comes in a variety of flavours that can be beneficial for your digestive system, thanks to its use of natural ingredients. Take, for instance, gelato made with berries and citrus fruits!

6. Gelato offers a chilly treat without compromising flavour

Feeling like your gelato is a bit denser, creamier or bolder than your ice cream is not an illusion. Incorporating much less overrun, or the percentage of air contained within the product, gelato packs more flavour and value with each scoop than ice cream. Moreover, gelato is served at a slightly warmer temperature, which makes it smoother, softer and more powerful to taste. Still well below the freezing point, this makes the ice-cold dessert a perfect treat for the eternal summer of Singapore.

7. Gelato delivers surprising nutritional benefits

When we treat ourselves to delectable and tempting sweets, their nutritional value is often an afterthought, if considered at all. However, gelato challenges that perception with its short ingredient list and unprocessed, scratch-made production. Featuring more milk, minimal cream, and less sugar than ice cream, gelato stands as a source of one’s daily protein and calcium intake. Vitamins and minerals, on the other hand, can also be derived from various gelato flavours, whether it’s fruits, nuts or herbs used. Because gelato uses fresh ingredients, it’s considered to provide a more holistic nutritional profile compared to ice cream or other sweet treats. Who knew gelato could be a part of your 5 A Day?

Swing By Sugartree Gelato for Creamy Gelato in Exclusive Flavours

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t need a specific reason to pamper yourself once in a while. Like all desserts, there’s no harm in enjoying gelato in moderation, especially when you feel like you’ve earned it!

Some 10,000 km away from the warm and dry summers of Italy, Sugartree Gelato whips up authentic, hand-churned gelato in the humid tropical climate of Singapore. Shop with us now to discover a unique assortment of delicious gelato and sorbet flavours you won’t find elsewhere (think: chrysanthemum oolong, blood orange sour plum, and litchi raspberry). Or, visit our gelateria at 619D Bukit Timah Rd, #01-01, Singapore 269724, for a refreshing break from the weather with a scoop of ice-cold gelato, straight from our parlour.

For more information, contact us here.

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