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Cones are infused with Rosemary Herbs. 

Price: $7.20/pack 


For optimal freshness, you can store the cones in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks!

Images are for marketing purposes. Cones are packed together in a food-grade approved ziplock bag! 


 Our fluffy waffles are best served warm and paired with gelatos! 

 Price: $6 per piece

*No powder sugar or syrup given for frozen waffle

Images are for marketing purposes. Waffles are packed individually in a vacuum-sealed plastic!  


Our signature brownies are best paired with gelatos! 

Current Brownie Flavour: Chocolate Walnut Sea Salt Brownie

 Price: $5/Slice

Images are for marketing purposes. Brownies are packed individually in food-grade approved craft paper! 

*Contain nuts, do check with us before ordering! 


Able to fit up to 3 Gelato Tubs! 

Velcro Enclosure.

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