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7 Creative Ways to Incorporate Gelato Into Your Special Occasions For An Extra Dose of Sweetness

7 Creative Ways to Incorporate Gelato Into Your Special Occasions For An Extra Dose of Sweetness

Before gelato became an immutable part of everyday fare embedded deep within the Italian lifestyle, its predecessors, frozen drinks and sweetened ice shavings, were initially savoured on momentous occasions. Cherished by the aristocracy, including royals and noblemen, gelato has since evolved into a local delicacy that permeates Italian culture – celebrated daily through its widespread consumption and enduring popularity. Beyond locals who relish it irrespective of time or season, tourists flock to Italy for an authentic taste of this gastronomic delight.

But today, Sugartree Gelato, a gelateria offering authentic gelato in Singapore, pays homage to the authentic tradition of gelato by exploring innovative ways to enjoy it during special events. Whether it’s birthday parties, long-awaited reunions, intimate weddings, lively festivals, or more, we present creative ways to partake in the Italian way of life during your very own special celebrations. Stick around until the end for an extra treat – a novel dessert idea that’s sure to be a hit among adults and children alike. 

1. Gelato Cakes

Just like ice cream can be substituted for a traditional cake, gelato cake is a sophisticated and decadent option that is equally awe-inducing. Celebrating significant milestones such as weddings and grand openings is the perfect occasion for an epic gelato cake, made of layers of soft and smooth gelato, plus cookie bases, delicious fruit toppings, decadent chocolate ganache, or whatever you can dream up. 

And if you’re hosting a small or intimate gathering, gelato-crowned cake is a DIY project that’s just as fun and fresh. Adorn your cake of choice with your favourite gelato flavours – here are some classics to help guide your project.

2. Gelato Cocktails

When the days are hot and long, nothing cools and satisfies like a gelato cocktail. As complicated as they sound, these cocktails are surprisingly simple to prepare. All you have to do is add a scoop of gelato to a glass, top with your favourite spirit and garnish for an artisanal flourish. We foresee this becoming a go-to at dinner parties, date nights and days reserved exclusively for self-care! A good rule of thumb is to pair the sweetness of gelato with something tart or savoury for a complex but balanced flavour profile.

3. Gelato Affogato

In addition to ending the night with gelato and alcohol, you can also perk up in the morning with the ice-cold Italian treat
and coffee! This is a dessert that’s as richly ingrained in Italian cuisine as you can get. Following the same methodology as cocktails, the only difference is that the affogato, instead, drowns the gelato with a shot of hot espresso. As always, there’s a cheekier and more tempting twist for adults: adding a splash of liquor! 

4. Gelato and Drizzles

When we think of gelato or ice cream drizzles, the first things that come to mind are chocolate and caramel sauce, or perhaps even something like honey or maple syrup. But here’s a quirky but totally doable alternative: olive oil. Truly, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Quality olive oil comes with a divine aroma and grassy flavour that complements the rich and creamy profile of gelato beautifully. Safe flavours to match with olive oil are vanilla and chocolate; but don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder ones to open up new possibilities. Once you’ve got that down, you can even try them with some balsamic vinegar!

5. Gelato Waffles

We have the Americans to thank for popularising the ingenious concept of combining sweet waffles with even sweeter gelato. Laying mounds of gelato over piping hot waffles allows diners to revel in the delightful interplay of contrasting temperatures and textures. Sink your teeth into waffles, delicately crispy, as the melting gelato seeps vibrant flavours into its golden and fragrant crevices. Remarkably versatile, virtually any gelato flavour harmonises well with the sweet and bready waffle.

6. Gelato Sandwiches

Gelato sandwiches elevate the fond childhood classic courtesy of neighbourhood ice cream uncles into something slightly more refined. Preparation is straightforward: sandwich a scoop (or two, for those feeling indulgent) of gelato between two slices of bread or wafers. For those with a sweet tooth, swapping out the bread for cookies or macarons can offer even greater satisfaction. The latter provides an addictive crunch, followed by the creamy gelato melting as it meets your lips. To enhance the experience, consider adding toppings such as sprinkles, crushed nuts, chocolate chips, or even cereal. Your guests sure wouldn’t mind a trip down memory lane. 

7. Gelato and Fruit

Gelato and fruit is a timeless combination that will never go wrong nor out of style. Utilise fresh fruits to complement corresponding gelato flavours, infusing your dessert with zest and refreshment. Experiment with pairings like lemon gelato with mixed berries to boost your treat with a burst of fruitiness. In addition to lending interesting flavours to an otherwise plainly served gelato, fruits also impart visual interest that will grace your gelato presentation, making it even more colourful and enticing.

Bonus: Gelato Bar

Planning a grand event? A gelato bar is bound to impress, igniting new levels of joy and camaraderie among peers, friends and family. Showcase an array of beloved gelato flavours, ranging from indulgent dark chocolate and aromatic vanilla bean to exotic passionfruit and classic cookies and cream. Encourage guests to unleash their creativity by offering the freedom to mix and match flavours to their heart’s content. 

To enhance the experience, provide an assortment of cones, cups, cakes and other delectable serving options for them to explore. This interactive dessert affair is sure to create lasting memories that will be cherished long after the event ends.

Looking for a wholesale supplier that can deliver novel and quality gelato experiences at your anticipated event? Sugartree Gelato is a distinguished wholesale supplier of premium, authentic artisan-made gelato in Singapore. Explore our exquisite selection of fresh creations by clicking here, or reach out to us directly for further inquiries.
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