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It's Gelato O' Clock! Best Flavours for Indulging in Gelato Morning, Noon and Night

It's Gelato O' Clock! Best Flavours for Indulging in Gelato Morning, Noon and Night

Picture this: it’s a beautiful day in Rome, Italy, barely past nine on a weekend morning. You’re walking along winding cobblestone streets flanked by quaint artisanal shops, some sleepily raising their shutters, others wide open, ready to welcome their first customers in. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and delectable breakfast pastries wafts through the air. You cast a quick glance at the al fresco scene laid before your eyes. And there—in the glorious Mediterranean heat—early risers indulging in gelato first thing in the morning.

When’s the Best Time to Eat Gelato?

Is this subtext for
is it acceptable to eat gelato in the morning? Regardless, here’s the simple answer: there is no bad time to have gelato. 

Indeed, gelato is often considered a dessert, but restaurants and cafés all over Italy offer the ice-cold treat throughout the day. It’s no prospect that Italians will shy away from, and neither should you. The best time to have gelato is whenever you feel like it!

Morning Gelato Flavours

Gelato as breakfast isn’t as foreign as it sounds. Think the affogato that drowns a dollop of gelato with a shot of piping hot espresso! Other parts of Italy also offer breakfast items such as gelato nestled within a soft
brioche bun. Here are some flavours that pair surprisingly well with the morning, whether you crave a caffeinated boost or a smooth and sugary start.  

Vanilla Bean 

Vanilla or milk-flavoured gelato is a safe and light way of easing into your day. These flavours are incredibly versatile and can lend a soothing creaminess to endless breakfast concepts. 

Strawberry Hibiscus 

What you want in the morning is a flavour that doesn’t weigh you down. Strawberry hibiscus serves as a double-duty option that combines fruity and floral notes to refresh and perk you up. Weekend morning? Add a glob over some pancakes and waffles—an indulgent breakfast straight out of a café awaits you.

Chrysanthemum Oolong 

Gentle, aromatic and effortlessly unique, this tea-infused flavour can provide a subtle energy boost to kickstart your day while calming your mood. Moreover, it’s mildly sweet and pleasantly delicate.

Noon Gelato Flavours 

Gelato can feel like a life-saver when the sun is at its peak. Whether you’ve got a day of sightseeing planned out or a list of errands ahead of you, gelato brings a momentary, albeit immediate respite with its coolness and pleasurable intensity. Pick from a multitude of
serving styles, from cones if you fancy a challenge, cups if you have an outfit you can’t risk, to even cakes if you’re open to afternoon tea. Combat the stifling heat and searing warmth of afternoons with these selections:  

Litchi Raspberry 

Not much can compare to the burst of litchi. This flavour combines the exotic profile of the South China-native fruit with the strong and tart palette of raspberry. Each bite is fragrant, captivating and reinvigorating, tiding you through any midday slump. Consider pairing with fresh berries.

Roasted Pistachio 

Roasted pistachio lends a luxurious Italian charm to afternoons. Here, a smoky layer settles over the luscious nuttiness of pistachios, adding depth and complexity to an already rich flavour. Replenish energy levels with this satisfying pick that’s also a commendable source of protein. 

Black Sesame 

Cool off with bold and bittersweet black sesame gelato. Its balance of flavours makes sure it never gets too cloying or biting, giving you that much-needed pick-me-up without fatiguing your palate. 

Night Gelato Flavours

Gelato is a great way to end a meal on a sweet note. Besides being richer and smoother, it also contains fewer calories than regular ice cream. Certain flavours of gelato stand out as exceptional options for post-meal dessert. These gelatos are decadent and comforting, perfect for unwinding and spending time with loved ones after a satiating dinner. 

Salted Caramel 

Salted caramel is the optimal blend of indulgent, uplifting and comforting for post-dinner enjoyment. It’s at once sweet and savoury, appealing to both those with a sweet tooth and without—a delightfully luxurious flavour that graces the tongue and decadent with a sprinkle of nuts, a dash of salt, or even a squeeze of whipped cream. 

Cookies and Cream 

Cookies and cream remains a beloved choice among adults and children alike. A scoop of this gelato flavour serves as a beautiful conclusion to any meal, offering a familiar taste that’s as simple as it is pleasing. Each spoonful reveals an exquisite blend of creamy texture and crunchy cookie pieces.

Dark Chocolate 

Dark chocolate is an anytime treat but exudes remarkable elegance when presented after dinner. With its rich and sensual essence, dark chocolate epitomises the opulent Italian lifestyle, providing a sophisticated contrast to warm desserts such as puddings and cakes. 

Treat Yourself to Italian Gelato Any Time of the Day  

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to relishing gelato. Moreover, life is about cherishing the small moments and savouring every scoop. Therefore, opting for quality over quantity ensures that each indulgence is truly memorable and meaningful—something you can find right here at
Sugartree Gelato!

A Singapore-based gelateria specialising in micro-batch production and artisanal innovation, Sugartree Gelato is helmed by a duo of Carpigiani Gelato University-trained chefs that believe in enlisting natural ingredients and preservative-free techniques. Nestled within a cosy and inviting shop, find all the flavours listed above and more… where our gelato is handcrafted fresh, and offers an authentic taste and superior mouthfeel!

Visit us for a taste of Italy, or order our gelato tubs online today.

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