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Is there a difference between gelato and ice cream?

Is there a difference between gelato and ice cream?

Some say gelato is just an italian version of an ice cream. Well, this is correct but is that all you know?

As a locally owned gelateria, we often hear the words of ice cream being mentioned not just by our customers but sometimes by our new crew members. Growing up with eating ice cream, gelato might be unfamiliar yet familiar in some places.

Both are frozen desserts are made from the same core ingredients of milk, cream, and sugar but that's where the similarities end.

If you want to enjoy a frozen treat without worrying about the calories, gelato is the treat you need. Lower in butterfat (4-9% versus 14-25%) and contains less air than ice cream, gelato is dense with flavour and is a healthier low-fat option. Less air in gelato also translates to more gelato per dollar!

Typical ice cream has about 50% air versus gelato with only 20-30%. That means more goodness per gram of gelato. Getting more than one scoop of Sugartree artisan gelato sure sounds good right now huh?

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