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Our Story, Part 1

Our Story, Part 1

Every business starts with an idea, and ours started back in 2019 with the idea of introducing fresh, micro-batch artisan gelato to Singapore.

Sugartree Gelato is a Singapore-based artisan gelateria owned by the same good people behind Two Bakers cafe. The company has two chefs at the helm - Chef Erica, a Le Cordon Bleu Paris alumni, and Chef Vivien, trained in Fine dining by Michelin-starred chefs. Both chefs have also received training from acclaimed Carpigiani Gelato University, Italy.

For both chefs, their day at Sugartree Gelato starts early. There is much to do; planning the prep work needed for the week to the shopping list and down to discussing what's new in the test kitchen. The promise is simple, no skimping on the good stuff and make everything in-store, without any preservatives.

This persistence in making what's best for the customers rather than focusing on the bottom line is what keeps the business growing despite opening right amid a raging Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, the company reached out to struggling taxi drivers and private hires to build a community of delivery drivers. This synergistic approach helped the drivers with their livelihood and ensured that our gelatos are delivered.

As said by Chef Erica, "Be it on good or bad days, we never know how each customer of ours is feeling. But as long as we stay true to serving premium and naturally made desserts, it will help to tell our story and touch the lives of many."

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